Todd Wolfson

Software Engineer


Combine images into a spritesheet and CSS variables
Bash prompt with colors, git statuses, and git branches
Desktop app for Google Music on top of Electron
Find code quickly in Sublime Text
Record and playback HTTP requests
Release manager for npm, bower, git tags, and more
Scripts used to manage my server infrastructure
Stream never-ending animated GIFs
My bookmarks in a searchable webpage
My dotfiles, documentation, and Linux workflow
Play fanfare after triumphing over git conflicts
My Windows files, documentation, and workflow


Cross-platform desktop application framework
Watch files and automatically restart your server
Collection of git utilities
Powerful browser test runner
JavaScript code style checker
Testing tool for server configurations
Utility library for creating and parsing source maps
Secret management utility
Donations for open source.
livereload server in python
A Slack client for Linux