Todd Wolfson

Software Engineer

February 28, 2017

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It’s finally happened, we have launched our site!

Boat launch GIF

There are a bunch of small tasks remaining (e.g. removing unused icons from FontAwesome, year-tolerant date formatting) as well as a handful of larger features (e.g. email based login, AngelList integration). However, the gist of our product is functional and is an MLP (minimal lovable product).


By the numbers

Here are our design/development numbers up to this point:

  • 272 screens mocked up (includes 1 layout redesign)
  • 2 logo iterations
  • 342 pull requests (297 application, 45 server scripts)
  • 96 deployments
  • ~20k significant lines of code
  • Test scenarios (424 HTTP, 18 JS (minimal JS on site), 108 visual, 17 server scripts)

What's next

We are considering this a soft launch for now (i.e. live but no active marketing). We wanted to get the product out in the wild instead of keep on delaying. When we finish up our large features (e.g. AngelList, email login), then we will likely start marketing it.

In the interim, we are going to (1) continue to build out features and (2) start a job search. The second half is to hedge our bets against product failure as well as dogfood the product. Since job searches can take a while, we expect (1) to make lots of progress before (2) is done.

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