Todd Wolfson

Software Engineer

December 25, 2015

When I left for Japan, it was to do some soul searching. I wanted to reflect on my life trajectory and try to divine some wisdom for my future. Unfortunately, while the experience was amazing, I came up empty handed.

A couple months ago, I had an epiphany and half-awokenly scribbled down some notes. As with some good theories, the answer was obvious. Here's what I wrote down:

Consider what potential goals you want to achieve. Then, select your career based on those goals.

For me, it is making a sizable difference in the world. I have chosen software engineer for now.

To extend on that further, my life goal is the same as why I open source: To make the world a better place.

With my experience and knowledge in programming, the largest impact I can have is by sticking to software engineering.

That being said, programming is a means to an end. Other subjects like design can be equally as powerful and we should consider the end result of our work (i.e. the product) as the main focus.

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