Todd Wolfson

Software Engineer

July 10, 2014

I am taking a break from everything and moving to Japan for 3 months.


I have quit Uber and in a more general sense, web development. I will be living in Japan as a tourist from July 17th to October 13th.


Web development was less of a "choice" and more the "only practical option" when I graduated college. I did freelance web development from high school through college. I was a Math and Chemistry major but, I wound up hating Chemistry and there are no jobs in Math except for academia. As a result, I went into web development full time.

I am at a comfortable level in web development. I feel that it is time to step out of my comfort zone, clear my head from work/open source, and start reflecting on things.

I want to look at what I have been doing, consider what I want to achieve, and from there, decide whether to continue with web development or start doing something else.

What about X?

I am putting everything into a minimal state before I leave. For example, I am only performing maintenance on open source projects; no new features.

What are your plans in Japan?

I will be staying in a foreigner house in Ebisu but beyond that, I don't have any plans.

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