Todd Wolfson

Software Engineer

March 16, 2012

In this post, I would like to sum up all of the contests, scripts I have written, and everything else I meant to write about since my arrival in California (mid-May 2011). So, without further ado here they are:


  • CSS Query - < 1kb minified script that acts as a shim for querySelectorAll with support for searching within specific nodes.
  • Facebook Auto Subscriber - Bookmarklet that provides a pop-up for batch updating Friend subscriptions.
  • Resource Collector and File Watcher are two sibling scripts that collect URI's of resources off of the page and watches a set of URI's respectively. When combined, they can be used for hands-free refresh on any platform. I plan to write a blog post on these in the future.


MDN Dev Derby




  • In February, I was promoted from Javascript Developer to Senior Javascript Developer at Ensighten.
  • At the time, I was leading a UI rebuilding effort and currently am still leading the same effort.

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