Todd Wolfson

Software Engineer

July 06, 2013

A coworker sent me a harmless tweet about using zsh over bash. This got me thinking about how "good" these shells are.

The differences are default usability and plugins but the infrastructure for a fluid ecosystem is lacking (a la Sublime Text).

What if there was a shell which was built for dotfiles? dotfiles as a first class citizen and maybe introduce a standard like dots.

What if it was also wise about your OS package managers (e.g. integrated with apt-get, rpm, brew). Meh, this is probably overkill but leads into a good point about a plugin system for easy extensibility of commands.

What if we dynamically picked up settings changes? No more source ~/.bashrc every change (another Sublime Text).

# Installs sexy-bash-prompt
dsh install sexy-prompt
# Installs collection of multiple packages
  # (e.g. twolfson-dotfiles-dir-aliases)
dsh install twolfson-dotfiles
# Adds `alert` as an alias to `echo` permanently
dsh alias alert echo

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